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Dining Under A 300-Year-Old Cottonwood Tree At Twisted Tapas

Twisted Tapas restaurant in Belmar, New Jersey, has permanently closed. A new soul food restaurant, the Wright Taste, opened at this location in August 2020. Click here to read more Belmar dining stories on the Belmar Beachcomber Blog.

One of our favorite settings for outdoor dining in Belmar, New Jersey, is the cozy courtyard at Twisted Tapas on Main Street. The showpiece of the courtyard is a majestic cottonwood tree that is believed to be over 300 years old. At nighttime, the courtyard's eye-catching array of string lights and summer flowers provides a lovely ambiance for outdoor dining. Whether you are planning a friends' night out, a family celebration, or a dinner date with someone special, you will enjoy a memorable dining experience with five-star service at Twisted Tapas in Belmar.

As its name suggests, the dinner menu at Twisted Tapas is all about sharing and savoring small plates influenced by Asian, American and Spanish cuisines. From mahi tacos and pulled pork flatbreads, to firecracker shrimp (a personal favorite!), breaded green beans, vegetable pot stickers, and bacon mac and cheese, Twisted Tapas has something to please every palate. Add some sliders or a salad to your order, or try one of the chef's nightly specials. Twisted Tapas is a BYOB restaurant and is a great venue for private events, such as wedding rehearsal dinners (as shown below, center) or milestone birthdays.

Twisted Tapas

1006 Main Street

Belmar, New Jersey 07719

732-681-8272 Permanently closed as of November 2019

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