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Belmar Honey: How Sweet It Is

In recognition of World Honeybee Day in August and National Honey Month in September, now is a great time to stock up on locally sourced raw honey from Belmar’s own Ed Lippincott, a long-time beekeeper and gardener.

Ed started his apiary in 2007. He currently has three hives on his 4th Avenue property, but he’s had up to a dozen hives in the past.

Ed Lippincott Belmar Honey

“I’m a big gardener, and beekeeping sparked my interest. I did a bunch of research before I pulled the trigger to buy the equipment and bees, and I’ve been at it ever since,” he says. “All the bees I have are called Italians. They are not native to North America, but Europe, as are all the bees used to produce honey here.”

Ed’s yard is a flower-lover’s delight, with colorful plantings that draw not only his beloved bees, but also butterflies and hummingbirds. “The favorite bee plants in my yard are lavender and white clovers that grow in the lawn,” he says.

Ensuring Happy Hives

Overall, maintaining the beehives is not too complicated. Ed mows around the hives and replaces the wooden parts as they wear out, but keeping them well-pained helps to extend the life of the hives.

One important aspect of beekeeping, he notes, is watching out for varroa mites that infect the bees and weaken their immune systems. Environmental threats are also a factor in determining the health of a bee colony.

According to the New Jersey Beekeepers’ Association (NJBA), pesticide poisoning, diseases, and habitat loss due to commercial and residential development are several factors that have led to the threatened status of honeybees and other pollinating insects in New Jersey and across the country. Without the efforts of honeybees and other pollinating insects, our food supply would be in great danger, as some 85 percent of all plants would be unable to produce seeds or fruit.

“It doesn’t help that everyone is spraying for ticks and mosquitoes, either. People should stick to native plantings and organic methods to try and help the bees survive,” Ed says.

In the winter, the bees stay in the hives and they eat honey to generate body heat. The core temperature of the hive stays 90 degrees all winter.

Advice For Aspiring Apiarists

If you have an interest in becoming a beekeeper, Ed suggests reading up on the topic first and taking a beginning beekeepers course.

A good one to try is “Bee-ginner's Beekeeping: The Basics of Apiculture,” a self-paced online program offered by Rutgers University Cooperative Extension. Or check out Penn State Extension”s “Beekeeping 101.”

“Also, you should get another beekeeper to mentor you. Join the local beekeeping association to help with that. Locally, we have the Central Jersey Beekeepers Association,” he adds.

Where To Buy Belmar Honey

You can buy Ed’s Belmar Honey from his home at 305 4th Avenue; at Eastern Lines Surf Shop on Ocean Avenue in Belmar; and at Nourished by Nature juice bar, 801 Main Street (next to Beach Haus Brewery).

Ed is also selling homemade blueberry and strawberry jams, a special request from his loyal customers.

In the true spirit of environmental conservation, Ed also has a box on his front porch where you can recycle your empty Belmar Honey jars.

“Keeping bees is a lot of work, but I really enjoy it,” he shares. “I love watching the bees in the morning while I’m having my coffee.”

I first discovered Ed’s delicious “Belmar Honey” at the Belmar Farmer’s Market last summer. Ed’s honey is so good that I devoured a whole jar of it in a week — a spoonful here and there with peanut butter, and drizzled over vanilla Greek yogurt with fresh Jersey blueberries mixed in. It's so good you can chug it from the jar!

Belmar Honey

305 4th Avenue

Belmar, New Jersey 07719



Read More About Beekeeping And Honeybee Conservation

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