Catching Our Fill Of Fluke On A Belmar Fishing Charter
  • Christine Cardellino

Catching Our Fill Of Fluke On A Belmar Fishing Charter

Updated: Jan 5

During a late August fishing adventure aboard the Skylarker charter boat, we caught our fill of summer flounder (fluke) and black sea bass, while enjoying the boundless ocean views and plenty of fun in the sun with a group of friends.

The 70-foot fishing boat departed the Belmar Marina under a sunrise sky around 7:30 a.m. Captain Steve expertly navigated us through the Shark River Inlet into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Asbury Park, where we cast our rods baited with squid and minnows.

Sunrise over the Shark River Inlet in Belmar, NJ.

In addition to fluke and sea bass, my fresh catch of the day included a baby black-tip shark, a baby sea robin, and several mackerel (caught and released). In all, I reeled in two keepers, which the mate cleaned and filleted along with all everyone else's fish caught that day. After a full day sailing on the Atlantic Ocean, the captain brought us back to Belmar Marina around 2:30 in the afternoon, and everyone went home with a bag of the day’s fresh catch. I pan sauteed mine with white wine, butter and seasonings.

In addition to private fishing charters, party boats (head boats) also sail from the Belmar Marina. Whichever vessel you choose for your outing, the Belmar Beachcomber blog highly recommends a day of ocean fishing during your vacation in Belmar, New Jersey! RELATED: Sky High Summer Adventures At Belmar Parasail

Private Fishing Charters Sailing from the Belmar Marina

1. The Celtic Stoirm 732-742-9276 Website

2. Ol’ Salty II Sports Fishing and Scuba Diving Charters 732-681-6650 Website

3. Parker Pete's 732-496-5028


4. Katie H Sportfishing 908-600-6413


5. XTC Sportfishing 732-616-3763


The Skylarker is a 70-foot fishing charter sailing from the Belmar Marina in Belmar, NJ.

Head Boats and Party Boats at the Belmar Marina

Big Mohawk

732-974-9606 Website

Capt. Cal II 732-977-2020 Website

Golden Eagle 732-681-6144 Website

Miss Belmar Princess 732-681-6866 Website

Ocean Explorer 848-565-0519 Website

Suzie Girl 732-988-7760 Website

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Fishing party boats (head boats) at the Belmar Marina.

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