Vacationing At Home In Belmar: Ideas For A Staycation At The Jersey Shore
  • Christine Cardellino

Vacationing At Home In Belmar: Staycation At The Jersey Shore

Updated: Jan 5

One of best things about living at the beach is the opportunity to enjoy a stay-at-home vacation when summer season is in full swing. Here's a recap of our recent staycation adventure in Belmar, New Jersey, one of the most popular family travel destinations at the Jersey Shore.

Day one of staycation kicked off with a bike tour through town. First stop: Fueling up with lunch at the Belmar Marina waterfront restaurant, Marina Grille, where we enjoyed small plates of grilled octopus with pickled red onions and crab-and-spinach fondue. After lunch, we biked over to the nearby miniature golf course at 9th Avenue Pier for 18 holes and then headed to Klein’s Fish Market and Waterside Café for sushi and a happy hour beverage.

After a quick stop home to freshen up, our outing continued with dinner under a sunset sky at Rajin’ Cajun and a final stop for homemade ice cream at Niki Maccanico's Ice Cream on Main Street. RELATED: Best Restaurants For Happy Hour Dining In Belmar, NJ

During day two of our staycation in Belmar, we enjoyed an early dinner of Margherita pizza and Caesar salad at La Terrazza on Ocean Avenue, followed by the annual Belmar fireworks on the beach at dusk. Day three of staycation, our last day, included a picture-perfect afternoon relaxing on Belmar beach, followed by a return trip to Marina Grille to watch the sunset with friends. RELATED: Area Attractions Near Belmar, NJ

As you can see, whether you’re a year-round resident or a summertime visitor, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do in Belmar, a charming small-town by the sea.

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